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CBM Indonesia Buka Magang untuk Difabel


Intern (paid)

open to people with disabilities




6 months


June 2015

General Objective

CBM is an international development organisation whose primary purpose is to improve the quality of life of the world’s poorest persons with disabilities and those at risk of disability. CBM works with partner organisations in low income countries to both develop and ensure that persons with disabilities and their families have ready access to affordable and comprehensive health care and rehabilitation programmes, quality education programmes and livelihood opportunities. Working with persons with disabilities, CBM advocates for their inclusion in all aspects of society, and for the inclusion of disability in international cooperation.



Position Objective


This internship has the objective of contributing to building the knowledge and skills of a person with a disability to enable him/her to pursue a career in administration or finance, especially relating to the international development sector. Reporting to the Administration Officer, the intern will work on mainly administrative and financial support tasks but may also include other specific projects. This position is ideal for a person with a disability seeking to build their skills and knowledge of a working environment who enjoys new experiences and working in a team to overcome challenges. They will also be expected to make a positive contribution to CBM’s organizational culture and understanding of inclusion.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Administration
    1. Assist Administration Officer to maintain the administrative filing system
    2. Print, copy, or fax out documents
    3. Assist Administration & Finance Officers to develop and update the office’s list of assets
    4. Assist Administration Officer to update the upcoming events or staff availability on the board
    5. Together with Administration Officer to give administrative support to special activities including, but not limited to, conferences, workshops, project visits, and similar activities
    6. Maintain Log-Book for Visitors and Mail In-Out
    7. Maintain Log-Book for vehicles usage report
    8. Other administration - related tasks as required
  2. Finance:
    1. Assist in financial transaction process such as disbursement (e.g. utilities, supplies and materials, staff liquidations, reimbursements during training, workshops, and other activities)
    2. Other finance-related tasks as required

Note: in line with the principle of reasonable accommodation, the duties can be adjusted according to the selected candidate

Position Requirements

Educational Qualifications:  

  1. Minimum of D1 qualification
  2. Computer literacy in Microsoft Office 

Other Competencies and Skills Requirements:

  1. Flexible and reliable
  2. Reasonable knowledge of English
  3. Good interpersonal skills
  4. Enjoys working in an international team and meeting new people
  5. Computer literacy in Microsoft Office 
  6. Committed to promoting the rights of persons with disabilities
  7. Interested in international development work
  8. Commits to CBM’s Child Protection Policy


This position is open to people with disabilities only


Candidates are invited to submit their CV, cover letter outlining how they fit the position requirements and salary expectations to [email protected]. Applications not fulfilling these requirements will not be considered. Deadline for applications is 15 May 2015.


Only short-listed candidates will be notified. Interviews will be held between 20-22 May.



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