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Protecting the Rights of people with Disabilities NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON THE UNCRPD, 11-12 JUNE, SHANGRILA HOTEL

Indonesia is a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, ratifying it in 2011, but this commitment to recognize and respect disability rights has yet to be followed through by local administrations. To accelerate implementation in all 33 provinces, KOMNAS Diffabel (The National Consortium for Disability Rights) and The Indonesian Association of People with Disabilities are holding a workshop to bring together all the parties responsible for delivery of the rights under the UNCRPD.

Mr Shuaib Chalklen, the UN Special Rapporteur on Disability, is in Indonesia to check on progress in implementing the UNCPRD, and will share his findings and best practices from his experiences all around the world.  “For me the most important indicator is the number of people employed in the formal labour market. This number tells me about a country’s progress in respecting the rights of people with disabilities.” said Mr Chalklen.  “All Indonesians are entitled to work under the Constitution. Doesn’t the government have an obligation to lead the way – before they ask the private sector?”

The workshop hopes to consolidate collective action and build commitment at all levels of government to develop strategies to help meet their international obligations.

“There have been many initiatives by civil society, and we have some support from the business community and various Ministries. What we need now is greater coordination between all the stakeholders.” said Joni Yulianto, President of SIGAB (a Disabled People’s Organisation). “Indonesia is legally bound to implement the CPRD and we must be involved in the planning and monitoring of these rights.”

Risnawati Utami, Chairwoman KONNAS Difabel said “It is not enough just to hold social empowerment programs and draft policies, but the participation of People with Disabilities is needed to support an inclusive development agenda from the very beginning of the planning stages.”

The workshop is supported by the National Commission on Violence Against Women (KOMNAS Perempuan), the Australia Indonesia Partnership for Justice (AIPJ) and UNESCO.




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